Nashville Sounds Box Office – Impressed – missing Nashville

Nashville Sounds Box Office – Impressed

The wife and I are wanting to take our kids to see the Sounds play Saturday. My first stop to get tickets was through the online portal which is just Ticketmaster. After seeing the crazy amount of fees, I decided to call the box office and see if I could just buy them over the phone. I could. I did. And it was awesome. The guy I spoke to took my info, processed my card, emailed me the tickets, and I had them printed out before I was even finished talking with him. The best part was I didn't have to pay the ridiculous Ticketmaster fees.

Coming to visit for a ‘bachelor party’. Ideas? – missing Nashville

Coming to visit for a ‘bachelor party’. Ideas?

Hey there Nashvillians. I have a friend (male, mid 20s) who is getting married in mid-October. Sometime before then, I need to plan a "bachelor party" of sorts. He has mentioned visiting Nashville frequently in the past since he used to live nearby, and said he really enjoys the city. I figured a night or two out on the town would be a fun way to get away (Las Vegas is, unfortunately, too much money).

My question to you guys is this: what are some of the coolest things for a few guys in their 20's to do in the city? Looking for these things;

  1. Some of the best hotels to stay at in the heart of things. A suite would be cool.

  2. The best bars or nightclubs. If there is a good strip of bars that we could go bar-hopping, that would be great. Close proximity to the hotel – even better. Live music is a plus, but I doubt that'll be an issue there. (He's really into folk/bluegrass/indie kind of stuff, if that helps).

  3. Strip Clubs? It is a bachelor night, why not. I'm not super interested in hiring strippers or anything like that, but a club couldn't hurt.

  4. Any cool events that may be going on between now and October? Food/Art.Cultural festivals, music stuff, bar events, etc.

  5. Any other ideas? This is my first time planing something like this and I'd like to make it an awesome experience for him. I'm open to suggestions.

Basically, I want an all-around great Nashville experience. I hope this post gets noticed, and thanks for the help in advance!!