Who wants a turtle?! – missing Nashville

Who wants a turtle?!

My SO has a yellow bellied slider that she's had for about 10 years. We're looking to re-home it.

They live quite a long time in captivity – at least another 10 years – and it's been a class pet for a few years, so it's well adjusted to children, loves the outdoors, long walks on the beach.

Who am I kidding, it's a turtle. It doesn't care about anything. It's name is Yurtle but you could change it and he won't know. I'm sure there's a kid out there somewhere who would love a little reptile as a pet.

Comes with the tank, a turtle filtration system, and a little lightbox that sits on top of the tank for his sunbathing. He eats anything, but we mostly feed it these cheap dried shrimp things from the pet store. Pretty low maintenance pet really. Every now and then the filter needs replacing, that's about it.


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