Good spots for late night landscape photography – missing Nashville

Good spots for late night landscape photography

Hey guys, I will be heading to Nashville tomorrow (Friday) for a bachelor party weekend. A fellow bachelor party friend and I are both into photography and we just realized that we have some free time tomrorow night after the late night entertainment leaves to head out with our gear and get our photo shooting fix on.

I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions for some good spots that we could set up our gear in around town that is relatively safe since we have expensive gear and also affords a good view such as downtown, parthenon, etc.

We will be driving. So it would be a bonus if the locations are parking friendly, i.e., not too much of a hike, like say a mile or so.

I feel like the downtown skyline would be a good shoot. If you guys have any other opinions or suggestions based on the various photos you have seen, that would be really appreciated as well.

This is my second trip to Nashville this year. Really love the city. Enjoy it you lucky fools!

EDIT: Was browsing around /r/photography and found this thread that had a few suggestions that I have listed below. Not sure which of these are feasible for late night shoots without getting into trouble with cops being called for suspicious activity.

  • The Parthenon
  • The original farm area at the Grassmere Zoo
  • Radnor Lake
  • Vanderbilt
  • Printers alley
  • Long hunter state park
  • Cheekwood
  • Percy Warner
  • Downtown (Broadway)
  • 5 points
  • The gulch
  • Germantown
  • Batman Building
  • The River
  • There's a spot called Love Circle (named after a person, not what teenagers might do there) in West End with an amazing view of the skyline

EDIT 2: Found this thread right here in /r/nashville that has some brilliant suggestions as well.


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