August 2017 Eclipse, Bachelorette, and Fall Tourism Guide. Extra Deluxe edition now with 10% more snark and gifs! – missing Nashville

August 2017 Eclipse, Bachelorette, and Fall Tourism Guide. Extra Deluxe edition now with 10% more snark and gifs!

Hey Y'all. Thanks for visiting Nashville. We've compiled a "Best Of" list for you in order to make your visit to town awesome based on previous visitor experiences and questions.

If you don't find what you're looking for, check out the previous versions of this thread here:

These truly ARE the things you've come to Nashville to do. The locals are bitter alcoholics that play disc golf and complain about traffic. You don't want to do what we do while on your vacation. (But seriously play disc golf)

Begin Eclipse Freak out in 3….2….1….

OMG ECLIPSE! Take a good look at this link, since this is what the Eclipse is going to look like from Nashville. If you didn't know, there's a 44% chance of clouds in Nashville on the day of the event. That's only slightly better than a coin flip – do you feel lucky…punk?

It's true though – so far we're expecting clouds and a chance of rain for the eclipse.:

What's that…you don't CARE? You DO feel lucky? Okay, well then I'm sure you want to know where the secret places to watch the eclipse are don't you? See this link, or this one, or this one, or maybe even this guy here if you haven't booked a place to stay yet.

No matter what you decide to do – the best tips that we from Nashville can offer is this: (a) Go OUTSIDE; (b) Look up.

if (cloudy) return;


August is a GREAT month to visit Nashville. Every day it's 95 degrees and each of those 95 degrees comes with 95% humidity. If you love swamp ass, you'll looooooooooove Nashville in August. Here are a few things going on in Nashville while you're in town wondering if deodorant is an appropriate way to reduce ass-sweat:

August 4, 2017: Full Moon Pickin’ Party

Aug 4 & 5, 12, 19, 26, 2017: Musicians Corner:

August 10 through September 17, 2017: Shakespeare in the Park:

August 10, 17 and 24, 2017: Live On The Green:

August 11 & 12, 2017: Tomato Art Fest:

August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse Clouds

August 21-27, 2017: Nashville Restaurant Week:


First things first: Take a look at the glorious WIKI. It is 100% user created and submitted. The things here are written by locals who wanted to contribute to your vacation and is kept up to date as opinions change and new places open (or old ones close).

Second, if you want to know what music is scheduled to happen while you're here, check out the following publications:

Third, let's talk about getting from Point A to Point B. Lyft and Uber have a MASSIVE presence around town. You literally can press a button on your phone and be in a car in 5 minutes or less. Generally you'll spend no more than $10 on any ride across town unless you're here during some sort of super event like the Country Music Awards, the marathon, the stupid eclipse, or if somebody mentioned that it could rain.

Next up – YES, hotels really are as expensive as you found online. No, nothing particular is happening that weekend…it's just always like that. No matter where you stay – and AirBNB is a good option, you'll be able to find a cheap Uber or Lyft into downtown.


Second to last – the goods:

Below is a sample itinerary from previous feedback we've received from visitors just like you.

Downtown/Broadway – Evening bar hopping on Broadway – Start with dinner/drinks at Acme Feed & Seed – Bars not to miss: Robert's Western World, Tootsie's and Paradise Park

If you want to buy something "Nashville" – Project 615 – Store located in East Nashville – OAK Nashville – Store located in West Nashville on Charlotte – Hatch Show Print – Store located near Country Music Hall of Fame in Downtown

Tourist Stuff That Doesn't Suck – Tour of the Ryman Auditorium – Walk around the Parthenon and Centennial Park – Country Music Hall of Fame

Restaurants by Neighborhood

Germantown – City House (will need reservation, get the Belly Ham Pizza WITH the egg) – Silo (will need reservation, great happy hour from 4PM to 6PM M-F) – 312 Pizza – Chicago style pizza – Big Al's Deli – Only breakfast and lunch, closed Sunday – Monell's – Family style dining; very authentic southern cooking STRONGLY SUGGEST – Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint – Great burgers/fries – Other non-reservation: Cochon Butcher, Little Donkey, Butchertown Hall – Other reservation: Germantown Cafe, Rolf & Daughters, Henrietta Red.

East Nashville – Two Ten Jack – Ramen, will take reservation for 6+ – Rosepepper – Mexican, freshest margaritas in town, get the avocado fries – Marche – Great for brunch, will be a bit of a wait but line moves quickly – Five Points Pizza – Thin crust, more NYC style – Jeni's Ice Cream – Can't miss! Also one in Hillsboro Village and 12South – Other non reservation: TKO (Chinese, tipping included), Beyond the Edge (bar/ good bar food)

Hillsboro Village/Midtown – Fido – Good food for any meal, though I prefer their breakfast – Tavern – Kick ass brunch; go either RIGHT at 10AM or wait until 2PM – Hattie B's – Nashville hot chicken, can't miss! One in Midtown, one in West Nashville – Chuy's – Good tex-mex, very casual – Jackson's – Personal favorite is the Buffalo Feathers Caesar Salad

12South – Mafiaoza's – Pizza (and 2-4-1 drinks some nights), pub – Burger Up – burgers, beer – Edley's – BBQ, also one in Sylvan Park and East Nashville. GREAT wings. – Urban Grub – Nicer, more for a sit down dinner. Taqueria Del Sol – Tacos and beer.

Other Restaurants – Several restaurants in The Gulch, its a cool area, but a lot more chains or upscale dining – Several restaurants down Charlotte Avenue, the highlights of which are the Hattie B's and Bajo Sexto – Smokin Thighs in Wedgewood Houston is great – Pinewood Social near Downtown is great and you can reserve bowling – Old Glory – Great cocktail bar in Edgehill – the door is NOT marked – Bastion – Great cocktail bar in Wedgewood Houston, also have a kitchen side but only seats 24 and must have a reservation (to eat)

Lastly – Please remember that eating HOT CHICKEN is a 24-48 hour process. If you get the extra extra hot, you will hate yourself the next morning, and possibly that following evening. You don't want hot snakes while on vacation.


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