Weekly Events, Questions, and Discussion Post – July 26, 2017 – missing Nashville

Weekly Events, Questions, and Discussion Post – July 26, 2017

Questions on what to do while you visit Nashville?

Start with our Wiki and feel free to post follow-up questions to the information you've found and the research you've already done. Posts implying you've done zero research will be subject to ridicule and possibly downvoted into oblivion.


Got something to discuss? Is your favorite band in town? Is a new bar opening up in your neighborhood? Need to know about the most popular beer in town? Did you see a Google Fiber Pedle Bachelorette Woo Girl Party leaving their AirBNB in East Nashville with designer Edison Lightbulbs as souvenirs? Did somebody get stabbed …again?? Has Marsha Blackburn been naughty…again? Feel free to discuss anything you'd like in this post.


Want to know what's going on in the next few days? Nobody keeps a calendar like The Nashville Scene and Now Playing Nashville. If they don't have it – it isn't happening in town.

Nashville Scene – local see & do categories

Now Playing Nashville – Today and forward

Meetup – Upcoming

If you have an event scheduled for this week and can't find it anywhere, please feel free to post it here in this thread.


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