Should I move to Lebanon or Smyrna? (Native asking) – missing Nashville

Should I move to Lebanon or Smyrna? (Native asking)

  • I am from Nashville. I can no longer afford to live in Nashville.

  • I need to be 30 minutes or less from downtown with no traffic. I understand that with traffic it will be longer than 30 minutes from Lebanon or Smyrna. I am not excited about either city and have only been to both a handful of times. They both seem fairly depressing. Smyrna has groceries and shopping nearby. Lebanon I would have to drive to Providence for decent shopping, but Providence is really nice. Both would be a long haul to either Costco which is a huge bummer.

  • I do not have much experience with the traffic of 24 near Smyrna or the traffic of 40 near Lebanon. How bad are they? I do not always drive during rush hour in the morning, but do sometimes in the evening.

  • Both of those cities fit my criteria and both offer better rental pricing than I can find in Nashville or any of the other surrounding areas. I realize I can find cheaper stuff in other spots closer to town, but I have gone to tour and the quality is terrible. I am not looking to live in a luxury apartment. I just want decent quality, decent staff, and a safe spot.

  • All of the "affordable" ($1100 or less for a 1 or 2 bed, including their BS fees.) apartments I have toured in Nashville/Antioch/Donelson/Goodlettsville/Pegram/Bellevue/Millersville/Mt Juliet have been awful.
    Some of the fun stuff I have seen while touring the past few months. Used condoms greet you when you step out at the office, dirty stained carpets, globs of paint all over the carpet, pieces of rubber/cabinets falling off in bathrooms, the smell of cigarette smoke, cracked tiles in the bathroom with what looks to be mold, broken mirrors, brown recluse chilling in the tub, a sun-room literally filled with cat piss and trash, staff members being beyond rude to someone who wants to give them $, smelling the neighbors cooking below you, bullet holes, and the list goes on.

I would appreciate any and all help. I did search the sub for some info and found posts from 2-5 years ago. Both cities have changed a lot since then.


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