Burger Week Mid-Week Update: hits, misses, and caveat emptors. – missing Nashville

Burger Week Mid-Week Update: hits, misses, and caveat emptors.

I figured a mid-week check in was in order for all those stuffing their face this week for Burger Week v 3.0. I've sampled 7 so far and here's my observations:

  • Germantown Pub: This one was described as a 'breakfast burger' and lives up to that label. The bacon jam was rather sweet, plus the fried egg that gets everything all gooey. This is also a 5oz burger week size patty, so not the full experience.
  • Jack Brown's: An alright burger. The cream cheese and pepper jelly compliment each other nicely and the burger really isn't spicy like some would think. I feel like the peak Jack Brown's experience was year 1 with the Elvis/Greg Brady.
  • The Pharmacy: Definite leader of the pack for "fancy burgers" this year. The bun is essentially garlic bread, with some pesto tasting sauce, plus all the grease. This made for the happiest of afternoon food-comas in the office.
  • Tower Deli: Quintessential 'All American' burger and it was a good portion. It came without cheese, but it really didn't need it. I would definitely order this one again and again and again. It would have been great with a beer, alas not while on the clock.
  • Hermitage Hotel: The meat tasted good on this one. Definitely a no-frills burger, not much else to say.
  • Cafe Indigo: I think both of their burger week submissions (year 1 and 3) have been well above average. The bun was toasted/buttered which added to the enjoyment factor. I'm not a huge avocado fan but it worked well on this one.
  • Decker & Dyer: Lots of flavors going on here. I think the jalapeno overpowered the rest of the burger so it was a little less tasty than the others I sampled.

As I've tasted so far, my field stands as such:
Pharmacy, Tower (close second), Indigo, Jack Brown's, Hermitage/Decker & Dyer, G-town Pub.

What are your recommendations? Anything that was amazing? terrible? buyer beware (e.g. Boswell's meat + bun and nickel/dime you for the rest of the toppings from last year)? Either way, happy eating!


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