Why I left Williamson County for Davidson – missing Nashville

Why I left Williamson County for Davidson

This is exactly why I left – the "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" attitude of many Williamson County residents. I lived in Williamson County for seven years and recently moved to Davidson because I couldn't stand it anymore. I paid six figures in income tax alone last year and could purchase a house in whatever zip code I please. It has nothing to do with being bitter about the "rich people" or them being "conservative." It's the incessant class climbing, in your face display of wealth by people making a buck fifty a year living and acting like they are part of upper class America. Let me tell you something, you're not and neither am I for that matter. You mix that with a good ol' boy public administration and a class clash with the long time agricultural residents and it has created this weird sense of anxiety and animosity across the region. Many love the idea of being in a homogeneous white bubble and tout the public schools and brag about living one of the wealthiest counties in the country. It has McMansion neighborhoods with roads like "Princess Court" and terrible architecture that tries to mimic a castle with numerous high peaks for no reason and like ten different pitches. It just smacks of people trying really hard to look like old money and it's pathetic. The developers know this and are just giving people what they want: the idea of a fantasy land free of worries so they can raise their kids in a bubble (while dad sits in terrible traffic congestion for hours each day leading to increased cases of road rage. Meanwhile, this cocktail of crazy has led to drug epidemic among the parents and kids while also having one of the highest juvenile suicide rates and no one is talking about it because "everything's so wonderful in Williamson County!" Behind the faux patina front doors of many of those McMansions are alcoholics, drug addicts, wife swappers, wife beaters, child neglect-ers, child molesters and every other problem you can imagine, but, you'd never know because they all show up to church on Sunday! So, they ignore it and cover it up. Williamson Couny has the same problems as anywhere else, it's just soaked in privledge and white washed with Jesus. People are products of their environment and that environment is toxic.


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