Anyone around La Vergne/Smyrna mind coming by and giving my A/C a spray of R22? – missing Nashville

Anyone around La Vergne/Smyrna mind coming by and giving my A/C a spray of R22?

tl;dr: My subcooling is a little low and superheat is a little high (3.6 and 35.5 respectively, my evap isn't freezing up yet) and I could use a top off to get me through the rest of the summer and into the winter. If you're in the area, and $50 sounds fair to you for a few ounces in a 2.5 ton split system; send me a message. I've got my own gauges and already know what it needs, just need your tank to get me back to ~12 subcooling and drop my superheat.

longer story if you're terribly curious:

20 years ago when the dopes installed my SEER 12 Ruud system they didn't bother to wrap the service valves in rags before brazing the lines in at the condenser and they burnt one of the seals on the low side. It means I suffer an ever so slight leak that I've done my best to cap off. I'm usually fine through the summer, but in the winter when the unit reverses and especially when it thaws, the sudden rise in pressure on the low side usually means I lose a little refrigerant through the leak.

It would be perfect to sort and fix this five years ago when I was changing the evaporator, TXV and drier out due to a TXV failure; however I didn't discover that issue (and no other tech had either) until after I paid a guy to charge the system.

As you can tell, I prefer to do all of my own work. I was all set to get my EPA license back at Tennessee Tech when I changed my career path and chose computers over hot attics and tiny crawl spaces. This means I rely on someone every couple of years to come by and spare a few ounces in exchange for $50.

I'd rather not give my money to the big boy companies or pay some silly $120 service charge plus $50 a pound for about 10 ounces of refrigerant; and I have yet been pressed to take my test just so I can have the luxury of buying 30 pounds for $600 at a time.

If you are someone, or know someone who's in the area that you trust, who has some time today or tomorrow to swing by and give me a hand, please drop me a message.



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