Questions about moving here? – missing Nashville

Questions about moving here?

Hello! I got a job in Nashville yesterday and I've never been to Tennessee, let alone Nashville. Just a few questions: 1) I'm a city girl and want to be close to downtown. What are good neighborhoods for under $1300 mo.? To add on to that, what are good apartments for young professionals in the area? 2) I've never even seen a tornado before but I have been through several hurricanes. What do I need to know/what are common sense tips when there is a tornado in the area? How often do they happen? 3) What are considered bad neighborhoods? 4) Is the city social? What is the general culture/people like? 5) What are things to know when trying to become a native? (Things every Nashville natives knows) 6) How is parking downtown? Is it scarce/expensive? If so, how much? 7)How's the dating scene?


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