Cats for Adoption – missing Nashville

Cats for Adoption

Posting for a friend in need.

I am looking for a loving family for my cats.

These are their pictures: Zac is the black and white male cat. Elsa is the grey color female. They are very friendly. Like to eat and play 🙂 If Zac gets annoyed and doesn't want you to touch him, he would make a sound to let you know. (He is very cute when he does that) Elsa never gets annoyed, she is very very friendly and social. If they are hungry, they will come to you and let you know and try to cuddle (well even if they are not hungry they love to cuddle always). They like to cuddle and play.

They are both fixed. Elsa is up to date on all her vaccines. Zac is not, however they are both always inside and very clean. Elsa is 2 years old and Zac is 3 years old. They are raised together. I care they find a family whether together or not.

They are indoor cats, however, they always try to get out in the grass and play, they do enjoy that, so if you have a garden, am sure they would love to go out and enjoy it sometime if you allow them.

Please let me know if you can help me find them a family.

This is my phone number: 615-892-8996 Thank You Sarah


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