Gun Store Thefts – missing Nashville

Gun Store Thefts

I sent the following email to my district Metro Council representative as well as the five at-large members last week:

Metro Council Members,
First let me state that I am a believer in the right to keep and bear arms, a defender of the 2nd Amendment, and a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit holder. (Don't worry, I am 52 years old and I have not killed anyone yet.)

That being said, in the past week or so there have been at least three gun store robberies in mid-Tennessee: Gun Store Thefts On The Rise In Middle Tennessee (link). They have all been "smash and grab." In other words, someone broke a window or glass door, grabbed a bunch of guns, and took off. I have a feeling these firearms are not being smuggled to the Middle East to fight ISIS or being distributed to poor families in Appalachia so that they can hunt for food.

Do you think that it is an outrageous violation of our 2nd Amendment rights to require gun stores to provide more than a pane of glass to separate their merchandise from criminals? Something as simple as a security gate in addition to that pane of glass might save a life or two. Is this something that can be written into Metro's code? If so, then why has it not been done? It seems to me that this is one of those "common sense gun laws" that everyone likes to talk about.

I await a substantive response. I doubt that I will get one. Come on, somebody surprise me.


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