A Plea For Assistance With Hotels – missing Nashville

A Plea For Assistance With Hotels

I have to head down to Nashville this Wednesday for a hospital appointment for my mother’s cancer/potential surgery. It’s rather short notice, I know, but I’m gathering information. I’ve been watching this subreddit for a while now, since I had to do this same thing 4 years ago, knowing nothing of the area at the time. So I thought I would ask everyone here.

I am looking into hotels that aren’t too expensive—meaning not over $200 per night before taxes, given the situation—or filthy. (Thanks to the Travel Coupons website, I’ve located a few discounts, at least) Would anyone have any recommendations for hotels along the area of Nashville Airport that you would consider suitable?

Or warnings for which ones to avoid? Are there any in the Smyrna area that I should seek out or avoid?

I managed to stay at a wonderful Drury Inn last go around in the airport area, thanks to a fortuitous hotel coupon. Sadly such a coupon isn’t available this time, and it’s out of our price range thanks to whatever happens to be going on in town this upcoming week.

Thank you for whatever answers anyone may provide in advance. Know that it is seriously highly appreciated.


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