Paintball scene in Nashville – missing Nashville

Paintball scene in Nashville

Hey /r/Nashville ! I am somewhat new to the area and was wondering if anyone knows of an active paintball community in Nashville? To be a little more specific, I'm talking more in terms of the speedball crowd. I have been out of the game for a while and have been looking to come back full swing if I find a passionate group that's competitive. What's the most active field and where's the best shop? I am coming from Chattanooga which has a pretty large community of quality players and the best field in the south, and I was really hoping Nashville (having a larger population) would have a nice paintball crowd. I have searched google and have only found of one field (Nashville Paintball) that's only open two days a week. Is that pretty much the best I'm going to find? Any information is greatly appreciated and will be upvoted by at least one guy. Thanks y'all!


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