Road trip to see the Preds Game 7 – missing Nashville

Road trip to see the Preds Game 7

Hey! So I joined the Nashville bandwagon at the beginning of the playoffs (And way more so when the Sens were eliminated) and I've become so hooked on the predators since!

Last game was unbelievable! I love subban and Rinne, the chaos of the crowds, the rivalry between these two teams, and I really want to see Crosby get crushed. Suffice to say, I decided I want to be in Nashville for game 6 (I'm confident Nashville will pull this off!)

So my question to you: where can my girlfriend and I stay in Nashville cheap (Airbnb?), where will the most excitement be, and what should I know as a tourist to your city?

I'm driving from London, ON. Any suggestions on where to rest on the way would be appreciated too! My girlfriend and I are bringing a tent to hopefully stay at a park or somewhere secluded along the way. Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated!


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