Nearby independent music festival – missing Nashville

Nearby independent music festival

Hi all,

I'm part of a group of friends from Nashville/Knoxville that have put together an independent music festival. We've worked really hard on it this year and I just wanted to share it. We have a mix of genres including Rock, Americana, Country, Hip Hop, Jazz, Bluegrass, and EDM. Feel free to ask any questions!

It's June 1 – 4th, located a bit under 3 hrs east. Our headliner is Darrell Scott who is a singer-songwriter that, in addition to his own work, has written for others including Beyonce and Dixie Chicks.

AyerWaves Music Festival

Tucked away in the mountains of East Tennessee AyerWaves Underground Music Festival will show you why Scott County is called “The Adventure Tourism Capitol.” Our main stage is situated on top of Possum-Trot Mountain under the stars and amidst the sprawling campground and old western themed town. Exploring the 191-acre property you will find miles of trails, wildlife, and scenic views that will make the trip alone. Now throw in a music festival, fun runs, mountain bike races, and bounce houses that will turn any adult into a 5 year old kid again.

Offering exciting outdoor adventure allows us to provide unique experiences at an affordable price, which no one else can offer. Fans have the opportunity to participate in hiking, mountain biking, campfire jamming, and other activities with the bands and artists. Nowhere else can you watch live music on Friday night, mountain bike or hike with the band on Saturday, and enjoy another amazing set of music Saturday night, then do it all again on Sunday.

Artist list includes: Darrell Scott Boy Named Banjo Ric Zweig and Fresh Air Ira Wolf Sugar Lime Blue Home Grown Head Brother Man Juke Skywalker Zack Joseph MoJo McGee Plumb Tard Joe Van Dyke Andi Marie Willy Fresh Dan O’rourke and Kata Hay and many many more!!! Over 40 artist!

Friday night Luau! We have a stage hidden in the woods for intimate acoustic performances and late night dance parties!! Don’t miss a moment of AyerWaves Underground Music Festival. You get access to every band, event, and party over the entire weekend. Includes 4 night camping pass June 1st – 4th

Our mission is to be the best Independent Music Festival experience of our time; to sell a limited quantity of tickets to the highest-quality experience, celebrating music, art, and outdoor activities inside a visually stunning setting.

Tickets on sale now at: AyerWaves Music Festival

For More Information visit: AyerWaves


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