Having trouble with neighbor’s law guy. Easement info anyone? – missing Nashville

Having trouble with neighbor’s law guy. Easement info anyone?

I have a neighbor whose law company consistently parks 18 inches onto my lawn, along the edge of my street.

My street has no curbs, home was built circa 1935 and was purchased by my grandparents. I inhereted the home so I don't have a survey or anything of that nature available.

Lawn guy claims there is a "berm" (not familiar with the term* see edit) that I don't own at the edge of the road.

In places I lived previously lived (in a different state) the city had a 36 inch (or 48 inch) easement from the edge of the street for public works stuff. Power, water, cable, telephon and gas had various easements as well, usually on the edge of the property away from the street.

Even so, those easments are not for individual use by private companies to which they were not granted.

I am unable to find anything that gives any guidance on this, although I have searched the Metro site pretty throughly.

I was wondering if there is a general statue or state law that I am not aware of.

Any guidance?

FYI, not looking for legal advice, so you don't have to tell me that you aren't give me such.

edit: For what it is worth, I am familiar with the term 'berm' as an earthen wall, but don't know it in a real estate context.


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