Nashville 6 months in – missing Nashville

Nashville 6 months in

New resident here, blast that downvote.

I'm leaving and taking my broad with me, boom, blast that upvote.

I love the town, I love the people, I don't really want to leave but I'm just a programmer with no physical ties and a wife who likes to get promoted.

The area is so beautiful and the people here seem to appreciate it by how they come across on a day-to-day basis. I come from here from the gross, perpetually ugly, shitbrained flatlands of North Carolina, from a city best known for it's absolutely outstanding opioid epidemic.

Like Nashville, my city hates newcomers with some kind of undying fire of passion that honestly warms my soul just thinking about it. Hatred is such an endless wealth of emotion it goes beyond the scope of what I thought humans were capable of.

So as I begin the process of leaving your beautiful city I'll leave you with parting words, and I know you love that parting words bit so you just go on reveling in that while I take a few stabs.

  • No worse drivers in the eastern US. I thought Virginia was the worst, fucking nope. People driving on the wrong side of the road, parking on the wrong side of the road, unable to function in parking lots where there are no pretty white lines helping them out. Might be the fault of newcomers and tourists, it probably is.

  • I spent a fair amount of time in downtown Franklin. I think it's the worst place in the world besides Broadway in Nashville. I thought Wilmington, NC had the worst downtown in America. Nope, it's Franklin and Broadway. The rest of Nashville's downtown seems to have great pockets of vibrant life, however.

  • Back to the driving thing. 9 times out of 10 a car in a handicap spot has no tags indicating such. I've never seen this anywhere in my life, ever, and it's so beyond shitty. And this is coming from a shitbrain who broke his leg in 3 places in January and chose not to get that tag because I figured others needed these spots more.

  • I kind of love Murfreesboro. The dumbass circular downtown shit has like 10 barbershops? What, you know, what fucking year is it.

  • OK back to downtown actually just south of Broadway there is a great taco joint near the pedestrian bridge. Fuck me I really liked it and if that makes me a dickstain I'll wear that dickstain badge with the honor of the gay man that resides in my soul and butt.

With that, I'm out. Leaving in maybe 2 months so in the mean time do you guys know any places to eat around here or things to do or elvis batchelorette honkeytonk or bars or hot chicken because whats a sidebar fuck you


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