Lost Wallet at the Spring Bash! – missing Nashville

Lost Wallet at the Spring Bash!

Hey everyone, I don't know how much help this is gonna be, but I thought I'd try. So I was at the Nash Spring Bash yesterday, and when the rain started, I ran to my car. Once I got there, I realized that I hadn't zipped my purse and my wallet fell out. It could honestly have fallen out while I was chilling and eating from one of the food trucks, but I think it would have fallen out on the run.

I was near the Parthenon when it started, and I ran through the center field towards that 19th Amendment statue, then around to that other statue that looks like the Washington Memorial but way shorter. After that, I just ran under trees until I got to my car. It's a plain black leather wallet. It had the money I was planning on spending for Mother's Day in there, so I'm kinda screwed if I can't find it. If anyone happened to pick it up, which I know is a long shot, I'd really appreciate if you message me and we can verify that it is mine. Thanks!


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