Chauhan ale and masala house almost killed me. – missing Nashville

Chauhan ale and masala house almost killed me.

Tldr: if you have food allergies never go near Chauhans.

Last night me and my family went to Chauhans and told the waitress that we had severe allergies to wheat and nuts. We had called in advance to ask if they could serve us since we had allergies and the said that they had plenty of items that didn't have nuts or wheat in them. Apparently all of their appetizers had nuts or wheat, even their poutine had cashews. After ordering our server guaranteed us that none of our dishes had wheat or nuts then asked if we wanted naan. After we ate we were asking about desert our waitress told us the garam masala cake and the trio of mousse were the only options we could eat even though the trio of mousse says it has pistachios. We ordered the cake with the stout ice cream on the side. When the desert arrive their is a strange topping that they don't mention on the menu or when they give you the desert. It turns out that the cake is covered in pistachios… Thankfully we didn't touch it until we could ask what the topping was. After our waitress comes back she gives us a new one without nuts and we finally finish our meal and leave. Even though she said repeatedly that none of our food had wheat or nuts my sleepless night of constant stomach pains says otherwise. If you are like me and have any food allergies don't take the risk go to sitar or something because it isn't worth taking the risk. Sorry if this comes off bitter and ranty I've had a pretty bad night.


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